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Green Onion Quality Standard

Length (Overall)

Not to exceed 4 1/2

Bunch Size
Small: 8 to 10 count
Medium: 6 to 7 count
Large: 5 count

Leaf Color
Dark green with a waxie appearance

Root Cut
Even cut, not to exceed 3/4 length (U.S.A. Production)
Even cut, not to exceed 3/8 length (Mexico Production)

Top Cut
Clean, straight cut with no ragged or torn edges
No top cut drying

Band Placement
Bright blue rubber band #14 - 2 x 1/16
First - Double wrap at 3 1/2 or at the break between the top of the white shank and the green top
Second - Single wrapped 9 1/2 from the bottom

4 Dozen - 13 L x 9 3/4 W x 12 1/2 H - Muranaka

Placement in Carton
6 bunches per row, opposiste facing flat in the box
(Not curved against box edge)
Liner - Minimum of 10 lbs. of ice

Overall Appearance
Clean root wash with no loose skins on the white shank
No brown-edged or yellowing leaves
No bulbing
No curling tops
No field debris