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The Muranaka Farm, Inc. management team

Muranaka Farm has assembled a diverse management team consisting of highly accomplished individuals in a range of areas, including production, sales and strategic thinking. They bring experience and best business practices from a range of industries in addition to farming. Our company culture encourages a free exchange of ideas in order to continue to meet the needs of our customers for the long term.

Greg Emi - President

Greg Emi, President and CEO
Greg Emi joined Muranaka Farm in 1996 and currently is its President and CEO. Mr. Emi oversees day-to-day operations. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Emi was a business and tax attorney for more than seven years. While employed at a major downtown Los Angeles law firm, he advised clients regarding corporate, real estate, employment and tax matters. He is the nephew of Harry and Roy Muranaka and grandson to founders, Minoru and Matsue Muranaka.

Matt Gillio, General Manager of Moorpark Site

Matt Gillio, General Manager of
Moorpark Site

Matt Gillio joined the company in 1993 as Production Manager. Today his responsibilities include all aspects of production, including procuring land, land prep, planting, growing, harvesting, packing and distribution. Prior to joining Muranaka Farm, Matt worked on his family's farm in Hollister, California starting at the age of seven years old.

Charles Muranaka, Purchasing Manager

Charles Muranaka, Purchasing Manager
Charles Muranaka is responsible for the ordering and inventory control of all produce packaging and shipping materials. Since joining the company in 2003, his focus has included close monitoring of carton performance, presentation, pricing, design, and palletization, as well as coordination with the sales/marketing department in new product and package development. Charles is the son of Roy Muranaka.

Harry Muranaka, Co-owner
Harry Muranaka has been the co-owner operator of Muranaka Farm since January 1966. He was the COO from 1979 to 1988 and the CEO from 1988 to 2005. During this time, Harry has overseen consistent growth driven by Muranaka Farm's success in winning the business of southern California's supermarket chain stores, as well as major national and Canadian produce wholesalers. Harry's current involvement is in an advisory role to the management team.

Roy Muranaka, Co-owner
Roy Muranaka, co-owner operator of Muranaka Farm since 1964, is a major contributor to the growth of the business. He has overseen production, harvesting, processing and shipping along with research and development. His extensive knowledge of all aspects of repair and maintenance pertaining to farm operations coupled with his ability to conceptualize, engineer and execute mechanical and electric systems has been critical to our success. Roy remains a valued advisor to the management team.


Muranaka Farm has implemented all the necessary production techniques that are necessary to produce a quality food product for the American market. Their operation from seed to package is streamline and efficient.

Gregory Pike
Enza Seed Company